Success Stories

Since 2004, Spirepoint has educated real estate investors through free newsletters and articles, as well as paid online training programs, live courses, coaching and mentoring.

Students have consistently said there are no other programs available that give this level of quality and step-by-step detail to help new investors get started buying investment property.

Here are a few examples of success stories and testimonials received over the years…


I have close to $500,000 in RRSP mortgage commitments

My wife and I had been R/E investors in Fort Mcmurray for approximately 3 years and were quickly running out of our own/investor capital to use. I kept hearing your name being mentioned in reference to an RRSP mortgage course, something of which I knew virtually nothing about. Once I received the course material I could not put it down, I think I had the whole course read in one sitting!

I used the knowledge I received from that course to begin arranging future RRSP mortgages with investors who were already investing with cash and would eventually need another avenue to withdraw from. To date I have close to $500,000 in RRSP mortgage commitments of which I am soon going to begin acting on.

Anyone who is serious about investing in Real Estate and using other peoples money MUST get this course. It is required reading!

Malcolm Setter – Calgary, Alberta


I now have the confidence necessary

I now have the confidence necessary for taking the first steps to building my business and portfolio as a professional real estate investor. The small class size provided a facilitating environment and allowed for specific questions and issues to be more thoroughly explored.

David Beck – Ottawa, Ontario


I will be closing on my first property

I will be closing on my first property on May 4th, and am on my way to change my financial future. I’ve finally found the courage to go ahead with this after thinking about it for so long. Thanks a lot.

Josée Bourdon – Metcalfe, Ontario


Before the course… I never took any action

Before the course I was reading books, listening to audio cds and talking to people about real estate but I never took any action. During the course, I took lots of action and met the realtor that helped me find a property that looks like a really good deal and right after the course I got my first investment property. Thanks Paul for providing us invaluable information and such an inspirational environment that helped me to take lots of actions and helped me to start my journey to financial freedom through Real Estate.

Leonardo Oliveira – Ottawa, Ontario


I recommend this to everyone who is interested in real estate investing

Fantastic course. Really helped fill in all the blank spots of all my unknowns (I had many blank spots). I recommend this to everyone who is interested in real estate investing.

Chris Beazley – Carleton Place, Ontario


Just one tip saved me literally thousands of dollars

The course is a ‘must’ for anyone who is serious about real estate investing. During the time I was taking the course – I made several successful offers and actually closed on one property. I was able to make the offer and have it accepted by the buyer for a price that was significantly under market value: just one Spirepoint tip saved me literally thousands of dollars on this deal. Without the information I learned, I would not have had the courage to take the necessary steps to begin a real estate investing business. The information presented in this course is easy to understand and completely relevant to any type of real estate market you may be investing in.

Liz Ethier – Carleton Place, Ontario


I placed my first offer during the course

The slow and steady pace of this was exactly what I needed to get my confidence and the knowledge to go to the next step in my real estate ventures. I placed my first offer on an investment property during the course and got invaluable advice from Paul and my fellow classmates during the process.

Mike Bonito – Ottawa, Ontario


My big “Lesson Learned” was – put in offers!

OK now I get it – the importance of putting in an offer sooner rather than later. It now makes sense that the first half of the course is geared towards preparing us to make offers; and, for people like me, the seconds half is to give us the time to actually put in the offers! So, my big “Lesson Learned” was – put in offers! Put ’em in early and put ’em in often! It’s the best way to completely understand the whole process.

Joanne Murphy – Ottawa, Ontario


Would have been helpful 5 years ago when I started investing

This course would have been helpful 5 years ago when I started investing in Real Property. It was very helpful for my business. Thanks again for everything. I’ll recommend this course to everyone I know.

Joe Hurschler – Ottawa, Ontario


I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to invest $40k+

This course was “Excellent”. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants serious education in “RE”… and doesn’t want to invest $40K+… like one of those “Wealthy Father” deals!

John Synowski – Ottawa, Ontario


Ultimate benefit I have received was the confidence to move forward

The ultimate benefit I have received from the Spirepoint program was the confidence to move forward, speak to Real Estate professionals and place offers. Paul did a wonderful job at encouraging me and others to take action as that is when the real learning process begins. They arm their students with a great deal of information, real life experiences & lessons and tools to properly make an informed decision throughout the full real estate transaction. I couldn’t help but feel prepared, informed and enthused about starting my real estate investing career after completing the course.

Donna Quackenbush – Ottawa, Ontario


I know that my future will be better for all the knowledge I have gained

Thanks for a great course and learning experience. I know that my future, that of my family, and that of other people’s will be better for all of the knowledge I have gained and will put into practice. I hope to remain involved with both of you in the future through efforts of my own. Robert Kiyosaki says to surround yourself with like minded people if you want to be successful and you are very successful and thank you for “giving back” to everyone, another thought of Robert’s.

Bill Moore – Ottawa, Ontario


You have given me the only thing I have been lacking

Thank you so much for everything. I now have the knowledge to become extremely successful. You have given me the only thing I have been lacking. Awesome course. I would recommend this to anyone interested in investing.

Joshua Hayward – Ottawa, Ontario


I now feel qualified to start building my own portfolio

I have to commend Spirepoint for a truly exceptional course. Their presentations, delivery and widespread knowledge of how to invest in Real Estate were simply first class. I now feel both qualified, enabled and enthused to start building my own Real Estate investment portfolio. I strongly recommend the course for anyone wanting to make shrewd Real Estate investments and who want to build a successful Real Estate portfolio over time. Congratulations to Spirepoint for a brilliant course!

Joe Connelly – Ottawa. Ontario


It is a full scale course for the beginner and experienced investor

Coming into the course 3 months ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I have to say that it is a full scale course, suits from the beginner to the more experience investor. It’s not only informative, full of brilliant ideas, but also truly inspirational to me.

Huimin Mao – Ottawa, Ontario


They are offering a chance to jump ahead of the rest

I’m a Realtor and a real estate investor. I’ve gone to a lot of seminars and have read a lot of books. What they are offering is a chance to jump ahead of the rest. I have read all their newsletters, articles and have been to my first course. I was so impressed with the level of expertise, information and opportunities that they passed on to me, I am making sure that for the next one, I won’t forget to bring my friends, who I know missed out.

Jennifer Walker – Lachine,


Great value for the money spent

Anyone interested in real estate investing should take this course. Great value for money spent.

Tom Enns – Winnipeg, Manitoba


Greatest course for real estate investing I’ve ever taken

This was the greatest course for real estate investing that I’ve ever taken. Great detail, very practical. Looking forward to using the Excel worksheets.

Art Kingma – Winnipeg, Manitoba


Handouts and Excel sheets… will save huge amounts of time. AAA

…This course is a must, it gives everyone common sense things that you need to know and do, and all the handouts and excel sheets are fantastic and will save huge amounts of time. “A” “A” “A”.

Harvey M. Chemerika – Winnipeg, Manitoba


A complete system for real estate investing in Canada

What an awesome course! You have a complete system for real estate investing in Canada that is beneficial to new and seasoned investors alike. This is the ultimate real estate investing course for Canadians. You have given me simple systems to follow that will impact my wealth forever. Thank you!

Harry Logan – Winnipeg, Manitoba


I really enjoyed learning about flipping properties

I didn’t realize there were so many opportunities in real estate investing. I really enjoyed learning about flipping properties… Thanks for including me.

Nellie McIntyre (age 17) – Ottawa, Ontario


Jim and I currently own a million dollars in investment properties

My name is Helene Lamadeleine and am very proud to say I am a graduate of the Spirepoint Real Estate Investment Class of Fall 2008. My husband, Jim, and I started our real estate investment company, BELLEHOLLY INVESTMENTS, last year.

Why did I sign up for the Spirepoint program? Well…it started with my husband, Jim, attending a week-end introductory workshop on real estate investment, hosted by an American company. He came home from this workshop acting “like a man possessed”… he was determined that he just had to sign up for the program that was offered… he was confident that the cost for the program of $25,000 was the right thing to do. Needless to say, I wasn’t quite comfortable for us to spend that kind of money but, I trusted his business instincts and supported his decision (after much intense discussion). Jim went ahead and embarked on his real estate investment training program…

It was a few months later that Jim discovered Spirepoint and again he became “like a man possessed” …He said he wished he had known about the Spirepoint program earlier. At that point, I decided I had to find out for myself what this was all about… so I signed up. Well, the tables were now turned. After the Spirepoint class, I was acting “like a woman possessed”… After every class I would tell Jim what I had learned, and the tools and handouts that I had received.

What was interesting is that, where Jim’s training had focused on ‘doing flips’, with my Spirepoint training, I was focusing on how to buy and manage properties, how to run and manage a real estate investment business. While Jim was still busy pouring through training binders and listening to CDs, I was ‘taking action’ and pushing him to take action with me.

The greatest value you get from the Spirepoint program is that you are given all the tools to help you get started… and you are also strongly encouraged to take action. There is an ‘action assignment’ after each class. I can tell you from my own experience, you can maximize the value of your training by taking action as you go through the program. It’s only when you actually make an offer, go through the process of closing the deal, find tenants, deal with tenant issues… that you actually come up against lots of different issues and questions… and Spirepoint can help you with those issues as you go through the program.

The cost of this program is incredible!!!!! The value you get from it: intensive training, tried and tested tools and templates, and advice from experienced and successful real estate investment professionals… sharing of information with your fellow students… It’s an incredible return on your investment!!!!

Taking the Spirepoint program helped me become a professional real estate investor in a short time. Jim and I currently own a million dollars in investment properties = 7 doors as they say in the industry = 7 doors meaning 7 units rented. We closed our first deal on March 30 (a triplex), a second deal closed on April 16 (another triplex)… and we closed on a single family house in Orleans on July 10th…and we’re looking to do a joint venture purchase as soon as we find the right property.

I couldn’t have done this without the training and support I got from Spirepoint. If you are serious about getting into real estate investment, sign up for the course and take action!

Jim always comes up with some sort of motivational saying… one of them he uses frequently that I’d like to share with you as my closing:


Good luck with your real estate investment activities.

Helene Lamadeleine – Ottawa, Ontario
BelleHolly Investments


If you want to skip the fluff, deal with Spirepoint

After the training, everything is suddenly crystal clear and I feel like I’ve been through the process a hundred times. They have a great ability of making things easy that would otherwise be tough to grasp. I have attended and listened to a number of real estate courses in the past. If you want to get to the point, skip the fluff and learn something valuable quickly, I encourage you to deal with Spirepoint.

Jason Baese – Toronto, Ontario


Real estate investing is the tool

In January of 2008 I went to listen to Darren Weeks speak to a crowd of people in Grande Prairie and was completely blown away by what he was saying, this whole concept of investing in real estate was new to me but made complete sense. Like everybody I want to be financially free, but I also have a 3 year old daughter with severe Cerebral Palsy, she is very demanding on my wife and I, physically, mentally and financially. I thought to my self WOW real estate investing is the tool I need in order to be able to stay at home and spend time with my family as well as provide my daughter with the quality of life she deserves. I immediately started reading Robert Kiyosaki and advisor series books, and also went to Darren’s 2-day intensive real estate workshop in Edmonton. That is where I heard about Spirepoint, I really like what they have to offer and read their monthly newsletters. I wished that I lived in Ontario so I could take more of their courses. Since Darren’s workshop I have teamed up with 2 business partners, one of whom also has a child in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy. We have started our own real estate investment corporation, started a website and have acquired 6 doors between us. While our immediate plan is to aquire more rental houses for cash flow, our ultimate goal is to build multi-unit accessible living buildings for people in wheelchairs and with special needs. Although we have not quite reached our goal yet I feel we have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time and are on the right track to one day reach our goal, And we owe it all to Darren Weeks and Spirepoint. Thanks again.

Sheldon Dietz – Grande Prairie,


We have joint ventured all our properties

We started investing in Real Estate in September 2007. To date we purchased 3 condos, and 1 house on our own. With our partners we have purchased 2 apartment buildings (one 24 unit and 1 18 unit) that are in the process of being condo converted. And with those same partners we have purchased another 11 properties. All are rented except the one we just finished renovating. Recently we set up two of our rental units as Executive rentals and increased our revenue by about 60%. We offer tenants an opportunity to own through our Rent-To-Own program. And…this month we will be closing on a strip mall. How did we do it? Other than four properties on our own – we have joint ventured all our properties. Are we excited?? You bet. I read your newsletter every month and get many great ideas. It is so inspiring to read your success story as well.

Warren Keep – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Without it, I probably would’ve been just reading books

I loved the course, especially the section about RRSP mortgages. I am more excited about this business now that I have more knowledge. Without it, I probably would’ve been just reading books attending one day seminars and not have received the confidence I have gained here. Thank you, Spirepoint!
Peter Masterson – Ottawa, Ontario

I was able to confidently purchase my first investment property

Until I took the course from Paul, I was strictly a reader of real estate investing books. Mid way through the course, I had detailed, actionable information (based on Paul’s lessons learned the hard way) so that I was able to confidently purchase my first investment property. I still use the course material every time I have added to my real estate portfolio.
Susan Antoft – Hamilton, Ontario

UPDATE – Email from Susan

Hello Paul,

I was in your first ever class, so I know your program gives all that one needs to become an action-taker!

I bought two properties in the Kingston area, the second one was done two years ago. Since then, I was focused on other priorities, and in fact, moved to Hamilton to go to school as my “retirement project.” Yes, I did retire, one of my goals I announced within the class!

The webinar last week has ignited my plan to continue to expand my investment property business, using your system. My next step is to acquire a third property using my own resources, and then make it into the category in which all subsequent financing is more heavily weighted on the property’s financial picture than on my own income.

Hamilton has a good number of investment opportunities for single family homes. There is also an on-going supply of smaller 6+ units, at about $60K per unit; perhaps I will progress to that type of investment along with JV partners in the medium-term.

Yes, I will be joining the webinar this evening, to be inspired and motivated.

Kindest regards,



It’s giving me confidence to keep studying real estate

I have been reading Spirepoint’s Newsletter for several years and I have found it very helpful. It’s giving me confidence to keep studying real estate as a means to financial freedom.
Joanne Nimigon Bowmanville, Ontario

It was definitely worth the investment

This was the most comprehensive course of materials for someone that is serious about investing in Real Estate in Canada. Our course was specially designed with real information specific to the Winnipeg market. It was definitely worth the investment.
Art Kingma – Winnipeg, Manitoba

It helps you get off your DUFF and at least try to put out an offer

Teleclasses was amazing. It helps you get off your DUFF and at least try to put out an offer…do nothing get nothing but the class helps you to get out of your comfort zone and get started
Duane Browne Toronto, Ontario

The newsletter gave me confidence to move forward.
Ludvik Jakopin – Burlington, Ontario

Great detailed step by step information.  Great spreadsheets.  Lots of useful hints.
Rosella Dyck – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Great weekend.  Relevant information.  I was certainly skeptical before the first session and believe that the first session was almost worth the value.  I can now take action and focus.  Thank you
Shaun Furman – Winnipeg, Manitoba