“How To Find Profitable Deals FAST
And Avoid The Stress With Deal Analysis”

Discover how to analyze deals in only 60 seconds
Find hidden profits that almost every investor misses
Analyze deals like a pro and avoid analysis paralysis

From the desk of Paul Blacquiere
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear real estate investor,

Have you ever spent so long analyzing a deal that you lost it to another investor?

Have you ever wondered if you are truly getting a great deal?

Have you ever struggled with the math of deal analysis, not quite knowing what to look for?

You're definitely not alone.

This is a very common problem I see all the time with new and even experienced investors, especially with left-brained analytical people...

Or anyone who is afraid of making a mistake (which is most people!)

Didn't Know How To Analyze Deals

When I first got started in real estate investing back in 2001, I didn’t know how to analyze deals properly.

In fact, on the first deal I ever bought, I actually analyzed it on the back of a napkin!

I was investigating a duplex selling for around $120,000 and rents were about $800 per month.

I quickly figured that one rent would cover the mortgage payment, and the rest would cover any utilities.

I was lucky on that first deal because the market was relatively cheap and rents were high, which provided some degree of protection against financial mistakes.

Created A Spreadsheet For Fast Analysis

After that first deal, I realized that my deal analysis should probably be more thorough, so I created an Excel spreadsheet to quickly analyze properties.

Over time, my analysis method evolved and so did my spreadsheet.

I analyzed so many properties, I actually got to the point where, once I had all the numbers, I could analyze a deal within 60 seconds.

I even started using a few quick “rules of thumb” to help me run a full analysis only on deals that made sense.

This allowed me to very quickly separate the good deals from the bad deals.

And it helped me save a tremendous amount of time I would have wasted looking at properties and running numbers on deals that would NEVER work.

Discovered A Top Secret Indicator

But I still had a problem…

Out of the deals I found that would be profitable, I couldn’t decide on which one was the best place to invest my money.

Should I put it in a duplex earning X in cash flow?

Or do I put it in a 5-plex earning Y in cash flow?

I looked at every indicator I could find…

  • Yield? It assumes you pay cash for each property (which wasn’t very likely)
  • Return on Investment? It wouldn’t work with nothing down or cash-back deals
  • Cap Rate? It didn’t take financing into account (bad financing can turn a great deal terrible)
  • Internal Rate of Return? It was too complicated to calculate
  • Cash Flow? It didn’t allow me to easily compare properties of different sizes

None of these were able to answer the question…

Which one is the better deal?

After a lot of thinking and analysis, I finally created my own top secret analysis indicator that I called “Net Yield”.

Why was this indicator so special?

Because it allowed me to compare completely different kinds of properties to each other.

And it told me exactly which one was the best place for my money.

I could now compare a duplex to a 10-unit apartment building, and decide on a dollar-for-dollar basis, which one would be the better investment for my capital.

Deal Analysis Was Easy

Once I discovered Net Yield, comparing multiple deals became EASY.

I just plugged in the numbers into my spreadsheet, and looked at the Net Yield indicator along with a few other indicators

(My spreadsheet has 7 more, which help look at other aspects of the investment)

When I started offering training programs to other investors back in 2007, I created a course on deal analysis and gave the spreadsheet to my students to try…

And they LOVED it!

Even the ones who were bad at math could use it because they didn’t need to understand the math.

All they had to do was learn how to type numbers into the correct fields on the spreadsheet.

But there was one problem…

My deal analysis course was a LIVE training held in Ottawa, which meant if you didn’t live nearby or couldn’t afford to travel, you were out of luck… until now.

I’ve finally put together an online deal analysis course to allow anyone, anywhere in Canada to benefit from this system.

The course is called…

Learn To Analyze Deals

Here’s a sample of what this course will show you…

  • Quickly sift through the bad deals and find potential good ones for detailed analysis
  • Discover how to save your precious time and analyze a deal in only 60 seconds
  • Step-by-step exactly how to fully analyze a deal for maximum profits
  • How to find hidden profits that 99% of investors overlook
  • The best analysis indicators to use and which ones to ignore, including…
  • How to use Net Yield, my TOP SECRET analysis indicator, to give you a BIG advantage over other investors
  • 2 common analysis indicators that help you predict well in advance where you can make obscene profits
  • And MUCH more!

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Why Do I Need Your Course?

Many people think just because they're analytical, or they can know how to evaluate a stock investment, that they have the skills to analyze real estate investments.

That's just not the case.

If you don't know what analysis criteria to look at, you won't know if you're making a good investment decision or a bad one.

And chances are you won't feel confident making a decision, so you'll probably be stuck in analysis paralysis.

By investing in this training program, you'll be able to…

  • Drastically reduce your learning curve by learning from an expert
  • Save time and money by learning to avoid costly mistakes when analyzing deals
  • Perform real-time analysis like a professional and avoid analysis paralysis
  • Gain confidence to take action and buy your first (or your next) investment property
  • Examine multiple deals scenarios with real sample deals from the MLS

Get An Edge Over 99% Of Investors

Over the last 10 years, prices have risen dramatically in many towns and cities but rents haven’t kept pace.

This means it’s more critical than ever to analyze deals correctly, and to do it fast.

Otherwise, that good deal you’re looking at will be grabbed by another investor.

You also need to learn how to spot deals that can be turned into a great deal shortly after you buy it.

Once you learn this skill, it’s like finding a hidden goldmine!

And 99% of other investors don’t do this, so you’ll be able to spot really great deals, in plain view, often listed right on the MLS.

Just one tip from the course can EASILY earn or save you 10x, 100x, or even 500x the cost of the course (for EACH deal!)

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What Do I Get With The Course?

The course is available in digital format inside my “Private Member’s Only Area”, so you can have instant access and review it any time you want.

Step-By-Step Video Recordings

In these video recordings, I take you step-by-step through the entire deal analysis process, including:

  • Exactly what information you need to gather for proper analysis
  • How to refinance after closing and get back your down payment
  • Which analysis indicators are important to your bottom line
  • How to tweak your numbers to turn a bad deal into a good deal
  • And much more

I also give many tips and suggestions based on my personal experiences over many years of investing.

It’s like having a mentor right there beside you showing exactly what to do at each stage of the process!

Value $247

Property Analyzer Spreadsheet

Over the years, I developed this Excel spreadsheet myself because I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs to analyze investment properties.

You’ll get access to this powerful tool, along with a detailed instructional video, in the Private Member’s Area.

This spreadsheet allows you to enter all the numbers you need for a full analysis, and also includes the following summary ‘output’ to help you make quick decisions:

  • Cash Flow Summary – This will answer the question, “How much cash flow will this property produce?”
  • Cash Requirements Summary – Ever wonder how much cash you need to close? This section will help you do that, as well as show you how much you’ll need to hold the investment for the long term (which can be different)
  • 8 Analysis Indicators – These help you quickly decide if a property is a good deal. It includes Net Yield, my top secret indicator, which allows you to easily compare a duplex to 10-unit apartment buildings and larger.
  • And more

Many other property analyzers try to project numbers 10-20 years into the future, but in my experience, there are too many variables that can affect future profits.

The best way to analyze deals is to determine “What will this property earn TODAY or in the very near future?”

That’s the answer you can get in as little as 60 seconds using this powerful tool.

Value $197

Action Assignments

Knowledge without action is wasted

Ever bought a course and left it sitting on your shelf or on your hard drive, doing nothing?

In this course, I’ll challenge you to complete action assignments that will help you immediately apply what you’ve learned.

It’s like having a mentor, right by your side, nudging you to take action!

I’ve even included some real sample deals for you to analyze, pulled right from the MLS.

And the best part? You’ll remember more of what you learned, and you’ll start to see instant results.

Value $47

Video Course, Analyzer and Assignments
Value $491

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Bonus #1: Detailed Analysis Checklist

Have you ever analyzed an investment property, and realized later on that you forgot to include something?

This happens all the time to novice investors (and even experienced ones).

That’s why I developed a detailed analysis checklist that helps ensure you won’t forget anything important.

I’ve included it as a bonus with the rest of the course materials, and I think you’ll find it’s a powerful tool to help you analyze your deals quickly and accurately.

Value $97

Bonus #2: Q&A Recording

In this 90-minute private video recording, I answer many common questions I receive from new and experienced investors, such as:

  • Should I focus on fundamental analysis? (e.g. population growth, net in migration, etc.)
  • How do I decide if I should place an offer or not?
  • How much should I put down to make a property cash flow?
  • And more

I address all of these topics plus many more, and you get all of them included for free with your course.

Value $97

Total Value $685

Your Educational Investment
Only $197

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“Learn To Analyze Deals” is a web-based training program accessible in my Private Member’s Area.

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Remember, if all this course does is…

  • Identify ONE hidden profit opportunity other investors miss
  • Avoid losing thousands on a really bad deal
  • Eliminate analysis paralysis so you can buy a great deal...

…then this course has paid off. Get your copy right now

I've seen what this course can do for my students.

And I know it can help YOU get over analysis paralysis and analyze properties FAST (even if you don’t like math), so you have an edge over other investors.

Here’s my guarantee…

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Order the course and take the next 30 days to try everything out.

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No Risk and No Hassles. Guaranteed.

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  • Bonus #2: Q&A Recording

I also understand I’m protected by your 100% Risk-Free No Hassles Guarantee, so I have no risk in ordering.

Your Educational Investment
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“Learn To Analyze Deals” is a web-based training program accessible in my Private Member’s Area.

You will need a web browser capable of playing MP4 video (most modern browsers do).

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the video training, resources, and other bonuses.

To your success,

– Paul Blacquiere

P.S. – Don’t close on another investment property without knowing beforehand that you have the best deal possible, and that will earn you a profit on your deal from day 1.