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Meet Spirepoint’s Founder

Paul Blacquière
Ottawa, ON, Canada

My name is Paul Blacquière and this website is all about sharing expert investment knowledge with you – my own, as well as the knowledge of many contributing experts.

I have extensive experience with managing multi-family investment properties, major renovation projects, flips, joint venture investments, private RRSP mortgage financing, and mortgage investments. I was also President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO) from 2008-2009, where I have been an active member since the group was founded.

But I didn’t start off with all that experience…


In fact, before I got involved in real estate, my professional life spanned a 12-year period in the high tech field, during which I learned electronics engineering, computer software programming, technical writing, publishing, website design, and product development (all quite different than real estate). I finally started investing in real estate back in 2002, and it took 4 years of learning things the hard way before I finally had the courage to leave my full-time career to pursue my investing dream and helping others achieve the same.


I didn’t start off investing in property with a lot of money and experience. In fact, I grew up in an average home in the suburbs of Ottawa, with my parents making average incomes. We certainly weren’t wealthy and we didn’t know any wealthy people. But I always had a fascination with making money and generating wealth, so in my early 20s, I decided to research how people become wealthy and what they invest in.

After reading many magazines, books and courses, I discovered the wealthy focus on 3 main areas:

  • Businesses
  • Paper Assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.)
  • and Real Estate

I decided to choose real estate as my first step in creating wealth, so I began my investing education by reading real estate investing books and home study courses in my spare time. A few years later, I bought my own home, which I felt was a stepping stone to buying my first investment property, but I still hadn’t taken any real ‘action’.


In September 2001, I saw my opportunity… I joined a hands-on real estate investing course in Ottawa that took all the knowledge I had accumulated, and showed me how to apply it to the Canadian market (most of the materials I studied were US-based). The course also gave me access to key real estate professionals I needed for my team, and I also learned how to evaluate and purchase positive cash flow properties.

In January 2002, I bought my first property with a joint venture partner, even before I had finished the course! A few months later, I graduated as a Canadian Certified Property Consultant.

During that first year, I spent my time learning about renovations and dealing with tenants. In the second year, I hired a property manager and began to turn my investments into a ‘business’ that would require less effort to manage.


With my personal goal being to reach financial independence, I understood that I could achieve it faster by sharing my success and wealth with others. So in my third year, I focused on creating a business identity and marketing for investors.

In June 2004, I co-founded Spirepoint Properties (now called Spirepoint Wealth, previously Spirepoint Real Estate), a company dedicated to making real estate investing easy for investors. At the same time, I published a monthly newsletter called the Spirepoint Insider, with educational articles and tips to help real estate investors.


At this point, I was already a member of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO). Soon after creating the newsletter, people began asking me how I achieved my success, and more specifically, they wanted to know how to analyze deals, how I used RRSP money to buy property, and more.

I found it difficult to explain everything in just a 10 minute conversation, so in early 2007, I began offering educational courses and hands-on field trips to teach others how to invest in real estate. These programs continued my vision of making real estate investing easy for the average person, by breaking it down into simple step-by-step actions.


The feedback I received from the initial courses was so good, I decided to offer something more. Within a year, I expanded the educational courses into a full 3 month training program with weekly lessons and mentoring, designed to turn my students into knowledgeable and confident investors.

Not only was I receiving positive feedback about the program, but word began to spread. Soon, people began asking me to join the course after hearing so many good things about it. The best part of all this was that my students were not only learning how to invest, they were also taking action and actually buying property.


It was around this time that I began receiving requests from people outside of the Ottawa area to come and hold live trainings in their city. While I did experiment with that for a short time, I didn’t want to travel that much

In 2011, I decided to leverage myself and my training by converting the live training programs into an online format. That way, anyone anywhere in Canada could learn how to invest at any time, without added expenses of hotels and travel. This was a breakthrough for investment training, as most education (even to this day) is done with hardcopy books, home study courses, and live events. Those are all great resources, but with computers, tablets and smartphones becoming commonplace, I knew investors were looking for more easily accessible training resources.

Since that time, I have continued to expand my training programs by leveraging my network of industry experts. Spirepoint’s training programs appeal to all levels of real estate investors – from novice to experienced – on a variety of topics, including:

  • RRSP Mortgage Financing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Creative Financing
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Rent To Own Investing
  • Commercial Property
  • and much more

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