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From the desk of Paul Blacquiere
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear real estate investor,

Are you trying to get started in real estate, but don’t yet have a professional team to learn from?

Are you unsure of which real estate experts to ask for help?

Are you an experienced investor yet wonder if some professionals are giving you unbiased advice?

If so, then you’ll want to read every word on this page.

I Didn’t Know Any Industry Professionals

When I first got interested in real estate in my early 20s, I didn’t know any real estate professionals. I knew I needed to have experts such as a Realtor, mortgage broker and accountant on my team.

But I didn’t know anyone in real estate and I didn’t feel comfortable walking into a Realtor’s office and taking up an hour of their time just to learn from them.

I had spent years learning from books and courses, but most of the information was American, and I really didn’t know if what I was learning would apply to the Canadian marketplace.

Took A Course & Learned From Experts

Eventually I found a local course on how to invest in real estate. And one of my favourite aspects of the course were the real estate industry professionals that were invited to speak. I learned a lot from them, including:

  • What tax deductions are available to investors and how tax planning can save you money
  • How a Realtor can help you during the negotiation process and help protect your interests
  • The many types of mortgages available to finance properties and how to improve your chance of getting approved

After I finished the course, I used many of those guest speakers as part of my professional investing team.

Now You Can Too

While those guest speakers were only a portion of my real estate education, they were a very important part. And I want to give you the same opportunity to learn from the professionals.

That’s why I’ve created a unique program called the…

Inner Circle Membership
Expert Series

It’s a monthly membership program where you can listen to interviews with top real estate industry professionals and learn from experts the same way I did.

Except this time I’m asking questions from the perspective of an experienced investor, so I ask all the hard-hitting questions that you might not think to ask.

What Will You Learn?

Here’s a sample of what this membership program will show you…

1) How To Find The Best Mortgage
By Using A Mortgage Broker

  • Why you should always use a mortgage broker to get financing (when you understand why, you’ll never want to go direct to your bank again)
  • The #1 thing you should look for in a mortgage broker (miss this and you’ll pay for it later)
  • 5 key features you should consider for your mortgage (the interest rate is just one of them, and not always as important as the others)

2) The Best Ways To Save Taxes
and Plan Your Finances
With An Accountant

  • Why as an investor you should always use an accountant to do your taxes (do it yourself, and you’re gambling with CRA)
  • How holding property in a corporation does not provide automatic tax savings (sometimes you’ll pay even more tax compared to holding it personally)
  • The top indicator CRA looks at when determining how to tax your investment property (no matter why you bought it in the first place)

3) How To Work With A Realtor
Who Understands Investors and
Finds The Best Deals

  • 6 reasons why you should use a Realtor to help you buy investment properties (these will help put more money in your pocket)
  • How to select a Realtor that understands investors (so they aren’t learning at your expense)
  • The best way to use multiple Realtors simultaneously to bring you deals (so nobody gets upset and decides to stop working with you)

4) How To Finance Property
With A Little-Known Technique
Used For Over 100 Years
By The Ultra-Rich

  • How to create your own bank, get paid to do it, and use the bank funds to finance more investment property (and anything else you normally finance with a bank)
  • The #1 reason why you should consider using this technique (especially if you don’t want to deal with Joint Venture or RRSP investors)
  • 7 reasons why this is one of the most powerful techniques you’ve ever heard of to create long-term wealth (it’s used by the ultra-rich for tax-free income and more, although anyone can use it)

5) How To Find An Expert
Property Inspector And Avoid Buying
Problem Properties

  • Why you should never perform your own property inspection (if you do, you’re taking a huge financial risk)
  • The first items a good inspector will inspect (hint: they’re not inside the property)
  • The #1 problem for most properties and how to fix it (it’s easy and inexpensive!)

6) How To Get Private Financing,
Even When The Bank Says ‘NO’

  • The difference between big banks, private lenders and hard money lenders (each has it’s place in your investing)
  • How private lenders make the decision to approve your deal (even up to 100% of the purchase price in some cases)
  • How this private money broker will even fund your deal out of his own pocket, even if his lenders won’t

7) How To Increase Profits
With Professional
Property Management

  • One big mistake that novice investors make when leasing a unit (chances are you’ve done this and lost a great tenant)
  • How to check out a tenant, including key questions to ask and important details to focus on (miss these, and you’re gambling with tenant selection)
  • Key problems every investor needs to watch for with their property manager (overlook them and you’ll lose profits fast)

8) How To Create
MASSIVE Profits Quickly
In Commercial Real Estate

  • The #1 mistake investors make when buying commercial property (ignore this, and you’ll very quickly go broke)
  • The biggest risk factor you’ll face when investing in commercial property (hint: it’s not closing the deal, finding tenants, property management or anything like that)
  • How commercial leases and tenants differ from residential, and how they favour you the landlord (note: this can add A LOT of extra money in your pocketbook)

9) Why You Should Hire
An Expert Real Estate Lawyer
To Close Your Deals

  • The 3 most important things you should always look for when selecting a real estate lawyer (these are more important than credentials)
  • The exact questions to ask when interviewing a lawyer for closing a deal (it’s not just about their fee)
  • The 2 biggest mistakes investors make when buying investment property (overlooking these will cost you money AND deals)
  • How to make an offer on short notice, even without a Realtor or lawyer (and still protecting yourself in the process)

10) The Benefits Of Going
Direct To A Lender
For Big Deals

  • What lenders always have in the back of their mind when deciding to approve or reject your deal (it’s not just your ability to pay)
  • How commercial loans are different than residential loans (hint: your job is not as important and this can make a HUGE difference in your ability to get financing)
  • How syndicating your deal with a corporation can make it easier to get financing than bringing in multiple JV partners

11) How A Mortgage Broker
Can Help You On
Big Commercial Deals

  • How a mortgage broker’s relationships with various lenders can help you get approved (even if you’ve been declined elsewhere)
  • Why it can hurt your chances for getting approved if you submit your application the wrong way
  • How a mortgage broker can help you “test the waters” with multiple lenders (without affecting your credit rating)
  • Why you should be careful about who you bring on board as investing partners (it’s not just about the joint venture agreement)

12) How To Deal With A
CRA Audit For Your Investments
(Direct From An
Ex-CRA Tax Auditor)

  • Why you should hire a tax audit specialist if CRA ever comes knocking (and not just your regular accountant)
  • The most common reason real estate investors lose an audit (and how to easily avoid it)
  • A simple trick to calculate your trip mileage, even if you forgot to record it
  • Exactly how you should handle an on-site audit (and what you should NEVER do)

Why Learn From Experts?
The truth is that...

No single person can know everything

there is to know about real estate

That’s why as an investor, you want to build just a broad base of general real estate knowledge and then focus on learning the specific skills of investing.

For all the other details of real estate, you want to surround yourself with professional team members.

That way, you can learn from them, use their services, and draw on their experience, knowledge and unique perspective when needed.

With the Inner Circle Expert Series, you'll be able to...

  • Tap into the knowledge of industry professionals with many decades of experience
  • Start building your broad base of real estate knowledge by learning from experts
  • Discover profitable techniques that you can immediately apply to your investments
  • Begin building your professional team, without ever having to interview anyone

What Do I Get With My Membership?

The membership program materials are available in digital format inside my “Private Member’s Only Area”, so you can have instant access and review them any time you want.

Audio Interviews

Each month for 12 months, you’ll get a new educational audio interview with real estate industry professionals.

The interviews are available as a downloadable MP3 Audio file, so you can copy it to your iPod or MP3 player, burn it to CD, or just to listen to it on your computer.

Value $564

Full Interview Transcripts

Some people like to read instead of listening to audio recordings. So I’ve included a full PDF transcript for each of the 12 expert interviews.

Each PDF file is over 20 pages long, and includes links to any resources mentioned in the interview.

Value $294

12 Interviews and Transcripts
Value $858

Bonus #1: Real Estate Q&A Video

I asked my readers to send me questions they had about real estate investing.

I received a lot of responses, so I recorded a video to answer them. I cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Legal liability
  • Multi-unit properties
  • Assigning deals
  • Passive investing
  • Building a team
  • Dealing with tenants
  • Overcoming bad credit
  • Tax deductions

I’ve included the full video recording for you to watch, or you can download the MP3 and listen to it on your iPod. I’ve also included a full PDF transcript for those who prefer reading.

Value $97

Bonus #2: Financial Report Card

Many years ago, I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

From that book, I was introduced to his excellent financial education board game called Cash Flow 101.

I was so impressed with the game and the lessons I learned, that I created a spreadsheet that modeled the financial report card used in the game.

I’ve included a copy that you can use to track your personal income, net worth, and most importantly your level of PASSIVE income… all over a period time (so you can see trends and make corrections).

Value $47

Bonus #3: Improve Your Credit Audio

It’s a little known fact that if you have good credit, your mortgage rate will be cheaper and it will be easier to qualify for financing.

If you don’t have good credit, there are very specific (and easy)
things you can do to improve it.

If you already have good credit, there are things you don’t want to do (otherwise your credit will get worse).

To explain everything, I recorded a special 26-minute audio presentation with my mortgage broker where he explains exactly how to…

  • Improve your credit score
  • Avoid doing common things that will ruin it
  • How to track your credit score easily
  • And more

This one bonus can show you how to save thousands in high interest costs that the banks charge to those with "less than optimal" credit.

And I’m including this presentation with your membership, so you can keep more cash flow in your pocket instead of paying it to the bank.

Value $47

Total Value $1049

EXTRA BONUS #1: Conversations with
Dr. Mody, Millionaire Investor

Back in 2002, I met a retired man named Dr. Anil Mody.

He was a real estate multi-millionaire living in Ottawa, and he soon became one of my mentors.

Over the years, I had many discussions with Dr. Mody and I always took furious notes. I never before shared my personal notes with anyone, but now I’m including them with this program.

You’ll get access to all of my notes from many conversations with him, as well as notes I took from his book – 24 pages total.

These are notes that I still refer back to and I know you will find tremendous value in them.

Value $197

EXTRA BONUS #2: How To Finance
Property With
RRSP Mortgages

Did you know you can use RRSPs, TFSAs, LIRAs and more to finance property... all without going to the banks?

No down payment verification, no applications, not even a job is required!

I'm including 2 separate interviews with me where I explain how these special types of mortgages work. You can use other people's RRSPs, or even your own RRSPs, to finance all the property you want.

With over $1 trillion available in these accounts, you'll quickly see how easy it is to find the financing for your next deal.

Value $97

Grand Total Value $1343

Your Educational Investment
Only $19 per month

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After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first program interview, transcription, member discount, and other bonuses.


Each month for the next 12 months, a new interview will be available in the Private Member’s Area.

And you can take advantage of ongoing training and updates from our experts on topics such as mortgage financing, taxation, and more.

Remember, if all this membership program does is…

  • Help you select the best mortgage for your investment property
  • Show you how to properly deduct expenses on your taxes and avoid an audit
  • Help you find and negotiate a great deal that earns you tens of thousands in profit

…then this membership program has paid off. Click Here to join now

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Membership Program

  • 12 Audio Interviews (1 per month)
  • Full PDF Transcripts for each interview


  • Bonus #1: Real Estate Q&A Video
  • Bonus #2: Financial Report Card Spreadsheet
  • Bonus #3: Improve Your Credit Presentation

Extra Bonuses

  • Extra Bonus #1: Conversations with Dr. Mody, Millionaire Investor
  • Extra Bonus #2: How To Finance Property With RRSP Mortgages (2 interviews)

I also understand I’m protected by your 100% Risk-Free No Hassles Guarantee, so I have no risk in ordering.

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The “Inner Circle Membership” is a web-based monthly membership program accessible in my Private Member’s Area.

You will need a web browser capable of playing MP4 video / MP3 audio files (most modern browsers do).

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first program interview, transcription, member discount, and other bonuses.

Each month for the next 12 months, a new interview will be available in the Private Member’s Area.

And you can take advantage of ongoing training and updates from our experts on topics such as mortgage financing, taxation, and more.

To your success,

– Paul Blacquiere

P.S. – Don’t do what I did when I first got started in real estate… I waited years before I finally took a course, learned from real estate industry experts, and started building my real estate team.

Start learning from the experts today so when that ‘perfect deal’ comes along, you’ll be ready to buy it.