“Discover The Investing System
That Has Taught Hundreds Across Canada
To Profit From Real Estate”

Drastically reduce your learning curve
Save time, stress and money by avoiding simple mistakes
Learn to create fast profits and boost your cash flow

From the desk of Paul Blacquiere
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear real estate investor,

Are you a beginning real estate investor and would like to buy your first investment property?

Are you an experienced investor who wants to make your investment properties more profitable?

Are you looking to become an expert investor who can see profits where others can’t?

If so, then you’ll want to read every word on this page.

Starting With No Experience

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, chances are I’ve been where you are right now.

When I got started investing back in 2002, I didn’t have much money for down payments.

I didn’t know anyone who invested in real estate that I could learn from.

At the time, there were almost no Canadian books and courses to learn how to invest, so I borrowed books from the library and bought a bunch of American real estate courses.

The problem was the techniques were specific to the American marketplace.

And since I was a beginning investor, I couldn’t tell what worked in Canada and what didn’t.

Found A Training Course

One day I discovered a Canadian real estate course, being held right in my home town of Ottawa.

It was 3 months long and it would teach me how to be a successful real estate investor.

The course turned out to be exactly what I needed!

I knew enough real estate theory from all the books and home study courses, I just needed to know what worked and what didn’t in Canada.

Bought First Rental Property

The training course gave me the knowledge and more importantly, the confidence, to place my first offer and buy my first rental property.

I did everything I could to find the cash, and I finally closed on the deal a few weeks later.

Shortly afterwards, I jumped into renovations, and within only 2 weeks, I had an apartment completely renovated and rented to new tenants!

Renovations, Flipping and More

The skills I learned buying, renovating, and managing that first rental property served me well on future deals.

Over the next few years, I bought, flipped, controlled and sold over $11 million dollars worth of property in both Ontario and Alberta.

I learned how to...

  • Analyze deals fast (in as little as 60 seconds)
  • Manage my property finances (so I knew exactly where my profits were coming from)
  • Deal with property managers and other team members (this is key to a smooth running operation)
  • Find good tenants and keep them happy (it’s easier than you think)
  • Attract deals to me (instead of chasing after them)
  • Flip properties in all kinds of markets (methods change depending on market conditions)
  • Sell properties for fast profits (including one method that found me buyers in only 2 days)
  • Buy with nothing down and with cash backs (in some cases I actually got paid to buy property)
  • Protect myself legally (incorporating is not always the best option)
  • Get property ownership for free with no work (this was my favourite method!)
  • Profit from property without ever having to use my cash or credit
  • And a lot more

I made a lot of expensive mistakes, and wasted a lot of time…

And I wanted to help others save the time, trouble and expense
I had experienced.

Teaching Other Investors

People were always asking me how I analyzed deals, managed properties, or flipped a deal.

And I always found it difficult to explain during a 10-minute conversation.

There were no courses available (the one I took closed down), so in late 2007, I decided to start teaching people a few investing topics.

The response was fantastic and based on the feedback I received, I just knew I had to create a program that would teach ALL the knowledge I had acquired over the years.

I finally put together a live, 3-month Real Estate Investor Training program in Ottawa that taught all the steps necessary to become a successful investor.

"Word spread like wildfire"

My students LOVED the program and word spread like wildfire around my local investing community.

Soon, I was holding live classes twice a year with weekly meetings for 3 months straight.

It was very rewarding to see my students succeed and achieve their investing goals, but it was a lot of work to hold live events all the time.

In fact, it was holding me back from accomplishing some of my own goals.

The other problem was that since it was a live course held in Ottawa, if you didn’t live nearby or couldn’t afford to travel, you couldn’t attend my training program.

I had many people from across Canada asking when I would be coming to their city, but I had to decline them.

Teaching Other Investors

Eventually I had the idea to convert the live training into an online home study format that would allow anyone, at any time, anywhere to benefit from this system (without having to travel).

The program is called the...

Real Estate Profits System

I developed this one-of-a-kind program as a COMPLETE SYSTEM for profiting from real estate based on my 10+ years as an investor.

Here are just a few of the benefits students receive from my training program...

  • In-depth, step-by-step investing system – suitable for both beginning and experienced investors
  • 3-month training program - fully trained in only 12 weeks (just 3 months)
  • Weekly course – information is delivered over time so you aren’t overwhelmed
  • Full support included – you’ll get all your questions answered
  • High success rate – over 80% of students take action with the weekly action assignments

The training takes you step-by-step through the entire investing process, even if you have no experience with real estate at all.

And if you do have experience, I guarantee you will learn a lot of new skills and techniques to apply to your existing portfolio and to help you acquire more profitable property.

What Will You Learn?

Here’s a sample of what's included in this program…

Your Real Estate Investing Business

  • 5 items you must look at to calculate your real return on investment
  • How to create a focused plan to buy more real estate in less time
  • 3 critical teams you must assemble to buy, manage and sell real estate
  • Hard-hitting questions you should ask potential real estate team members

How To Find Great Deals

  • 6 ways to find great real estate deals in your town or city
  • How to leverage other people’s time and money instead of your own
  • 3 types of realtor MLS listings… and which kind you MUST have to make a proper buying decision
  • Learn to have deals coming to you (instead of looking for them)
  • 4 ways the government can help you find under market value property
  • How to work with multiple realtors and keep them all happy
  • Best questions to ask home sellers when calling about their property

Learn To Analyze Deals

  • How to save time and analyze a deal in 1 minute (quickly sift through the bad deals and find potential good ones)
  • Step-by-step how to fully analyze a deal for maximum profits using my custom Property Analyzer Software
    (for both rental properties and flips)
  • How to find hidden profits that 99% of investors overlook
  • The best analysis indicators to use and which ones to ignore, including...
  • Discover a TOP SECRET analysis indicator that will give you a HUGE advantage over other investors for rental properties
  • 2 common analysis indicators that help you predict well in advance where you can make obscene profits

Power Negotiation Strategies

  • 5 different things you can negotiate for, beyond just the purchase price
  • How to identify the seller’s true needs and how it can help you
  • One simple technique to get a seller treating you like an old friend
  • 6 ways to influence the conversation to get what you want
  • 4 opening techniques… miss one, and you’re losing profits
  • 5 tips to bargain for exactly what you want
  • 4 ways to close the deal… in your favour
  • How to save thousands when buying… with one easy question
  • How to negotiate directly with the seller versus through a realtor

How To Make Winning Offers

  • 3 types of real estate purchase contracts
  • Key differences between a standard purchase contract and one that favours you
  • 4 risks of making offers and how to reduce or eliminate them
  • How to ensure a Realtor presents your offer exactly the way you want
  • 4 most important clauses for every investor to include in their offers
  • How to beat out other offers on bank Power of Sale properties
  • How to get CASH BACK at closing

Don't Buy Real Estate!
(How To Assign Deals)

  • Why assignments can be the quickest way to profits in real estate
  • Learn to get paid thousands for every deal you find… without ever closing on a property
  • 3 magic words to add to your offer so you can sell the deal to anyone
  • How to ATTRACT great deals to you 24/7
  • Best way to separate real buyers from tire kickers & save tons of time
  • How to have a steady stream of buyers waiting for your next deal
  • How to invest in multiple deals every month without ever risking a cent

Securing Financing and
Closing More Deals

  • 7 critical steps to closing a deal – miss one, and you lose thousands
  • How to ensure you spend the least… even if a deal falls through
  • 3 reasons why you must ALWAYS verify the seller’s numbers
  • 6 reasons why you should always get a property inspection
  • How to get lenders to say yes… the first time
  • 3 CRITICAL things you need before waiving conditions on your offer
  • 2 traditional sources of financing and which one is best to use
  • 4 sources of down payment money you never knew you had
  • How to re-use your down payment money AGAIN and AGAIN

Managing Your Properties
and Your Portfolio

  • 12 steps to filling a vacancy properly… the first time
  • How to keep good tenants for a long time, and quickly get rid of the bad
  • 3 little known tips that will save you TONS of time managing a property
  • 4 ways to drastically reduce your property costs
  • How to raise the rent… and have the tenant thanking you for it
  • Why you don’t want evictions… and how to avoid ever having one
  • 5 critical indicators to measure the performance of your rental property… and why you’re losing money if you aren’t tracking them
  • How to setup a system so you NEVER deal with tenant calls at 2 AM

Renovating For Maximum Profits

  • How to determine which renovations will bring the most profits (this alone will save you THOUSANDS)
  • 3 ways to find all the cash you need for renovations
  • How to defer payments on ALL your materials for 1-5 years
  • 5 essential elements of any renovation (miss one & you lose money)
  • How to virtually eliminate guesswork when ordering materials
  • Why most ‘flipping’ TV shows are lying to you by omitting costs
  • 5 types of renovation costs to include in your budget
  • How to co-ordinate tradespeople to ensure everything is done on time
  • Hidden costs to watch out for when tackling bigger projects
  • How to pay contractors who only want cash and still have a paper trail

Running Your Investments
Like A Business

  • How to use a system to evaluate the best profit-making methods
  • How to develop a real estate investing vision and business plan to give you laser-sharp focus
  • 3 steps to accomplish more in 1 week than most do in a month
  • How to use planning techniques to super-charge your goals
  • Why you may NOT need a website (and what is 100 times better )
  • How to get a 3000%+ return on investment using marketing
  • 4 ways to keep control of your deal when using investors

Protecting Your Assets and
Your Bottom Line

  • Why incorporating is not always the best protection from lawsuits (and what to do instead)
  • 9 kinds of legal structures … and which are ideal for investors
  • 4 ways to hold legal title to a property… and which ones to AVOID
  • Why an accountant should select your legal structure (not a lawyer)
  • 6 types of financial reports that are CRITICAL to your success
  • How to set up your bookkeeping (and save yourself HOURS of stress)
  • 3 steps to deal with real estate paperwork… quickly and easily
  • How to setup your bank accounts to simplify your paperwork
  • Why co-mingling personal and real estate records is the worst thing you can do (it will cost you BIG time)

Selling Your Property
For FAST Profits

  • 4 ways to sell property (miss one and you may lose a potential buyer)
  • Best time to use a selling method (hint: it depends on market conditions)
  • 2 key decisions to make up front, before ever trying to sell your property
  • How to get a buyer to say YES when they’re sitting on the fence
  • 2 CRUCIAL factors you must consider (you’ll struggle to sell otherwise)
  • 11 ways to prepare for selling & drastically improve your chances of finding a buyer
  • Top strategies to quickly weed out tire kickers from serious buyers
  • A virtually unknown method for selling a property in only 2 days (99.9% of realtors have never heard of this)

Why does the program take 12 weeks?

The program is designed to be delivered to you over a period of time, so you won’t get overwhelmed with information all at once.

This method gives you a chance to...

  • Review the materials
  • Digest the information
  • Do the action assignments, and most importantly
  • See results as each week’s lesson builds on the last one

By the time you’re finished, you will have performed all the steps required to buy and profit from your first investment property or your next one.

In fact, many students have even purchased property before the course was completed!

Why Should I Take This Program?

Hundreds of students from all across Canada have taken this training. It worked for them, and it can work for you too.

You'll be able to...

  • Drastically reduce your learning curve
  • Save time and money by avoiding simple mistakes
  • Finally understand a purchase contract and its clauses
  • Overcome your fear of placing an offer
  • Use little known techniques that will save you thousands
  • Discover advanced strategies to boost your cash flow
  • Virtually guarantee financing with an easy system
  • And much more

What Do I Get With The Course?

The course materials are available in digital format inside my “Private Member’s Only Area”, so you can have instant access and review them any time you want.

Step-By-Step Online Video Training

In each of the 12 main video recordings, I take you step-by-step through the different phases of the real estate investing process – from the beginning steps, right through to the expert topics.

Many students have paid up to $397 for the same information in just one of these classes, but you won’t pay anywhere near that price for each.

I also give many tips, suggestions, and insights based on my personal experiences over many years of investing.

It’s like having a mentor right there beside you showing exactly what to do at each stage of the process!

Value $2964

Forms, Templates, Spreadsheets and Contracts

Each course includes a different set of handouts, including form letters, template documents, spreadsheets, legal contracts, and more.

A walk-thru instructional video is also included for each set, so you see exactly how to use all the documents.

Just one legal contract from a lawyer (like a co-tenancy agreement) can easily cost over $2500, but you get one included.

Plus you also get all of the documents and tools I created over my many years of investing.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll receive...

Legal Library

  • Assignment contracts
  • Sample Purchase Agreements
  • Clauses for residential and commercial contracts
  • Co-tenancy agreement (can cost $2500+ from a lawyer)


  • Deal analyzer
  • Financing presentation
  • Cash flow forecaster


  • Property details worksheet (for use with private sellers and realtors)
  • Questionnaires for interviewing your professional team
  • Preparing offers

Form Letters

  • Lawyer
  • Insurance broker
  • Mortgage broker

And much more!

Value $3000+

Checklists + Walkthru Videos

Real estate investing is not hard, but there can be a lot of steps to follow.

For example, when you’re getting financing, there’s a lot to get done.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, I’ve included a summary checklist and walk-thru video for each of the 12 courses.

It’s like getting a “cheat sheet” for each class!

That way you know you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do, and you haven’t missed anything.

Value $1164

Action Assignments

Knowledge without action is wasted

Have you ever bought a course and left it sitting on your shelf or on your hard drive, doing nothing?

In this program, I’ll challenge you to complete action assignments that will help you immediately apply what you’ve learned.

It’s like having a mentor, right by your side, nudging you to take action!

If you do the action assignments after each lesson, you’ll remember more of what you learned, and the best part is, you’ll start to see instant results.

Value $564

12 Video Training Courses
Forms, Spreadsheets, Templates and Contracts
Checklists + Walkthru Videos
Action Assignments

Value $7692

The “Real Estate Profits System” is a suite of online web-based courses in my Private Member’s Area.

You will need a web browser capable of playing MP4 video / MP3 audio files (most modern browsers do).

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and Class #1 – Your Real Estate Investing Business will be immediately available to you.

You’ll have immediate access to the course videos, audios, and tools to get started.

You will also be notified by email each week for the next 12 weeks when a new course is available in the Member’s Area.

Click To Get It Right Now

3 months of support is also included:

Action Assignment Review

I want all my students to succeed, so I’ve included action assignments for each course to help reinforce what you’ve learned.

But if at any time during the 3 month program you get stuck on any of the assignments, or you’d just like someone to review your results...

Just send an email and you’ll get personal assistance from me (usually within 24-48 hours).

Chances are you’re not the first student who’s been stuck on something – I know where my students typically have problems and I can help get you ‘unstuck’ and moving forward.

Value $297

Deal Analysis Review

When you’re learning a new skill like deal analysis, it can be hard to know for sure that you haven’t missed something (even if you follow my checklist).

So if at any time during the 3 month program, you ever need help on any deal, a second pair of “expert eyes” to review your analysis...

Just send me your completed deal analyzer and I’ll let you know if there’s anything missing.

I’ve recently discovered some easy screen recording software, so instead of receiving a long email explanation from me...

I’ll usually send you a quick video recording explaining it all in detail!

Value $297

Unlimited Online Coaching

I don’t want you to get stuck at any point during my program.
I want to hear your success story!

That’s why I’ll give you 3 months of online coaching to help overcome the obstacles you may encounter.

You can contact me for any reason via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — whichever method you prefer.

  • If you’re having trouble making an offer...
  • If you just can’t wrap your head around a certain concept...
  • If you’re afraid to pick up the phone and call a realtor or a home seller...

I can help. I’ve been there and I can show you how to overcome all of these obstacles and more.

Value $297

Action Assignment Review
Deal Analysis Review
Unlimited Online Coaching

Value $891

Click To Get It Right Now

You also get the following extra bonuses:

Bonus #1: Conversations w/ Dr. Mody, Millionaire Investor

Back in 2002, I met a retired man named Dr. Anil Mody.

He was a real estate multi-millionaire living in Ottawa, and he soon became one of my mentors.

Over the years, I had many discussions with Dr. Mody and I always took furious notes.

I never before shared my personal notes with anyone, but now I’m including them with this program.

You’ll get access to all of my notes from many conversations with him, as well as notes I took from his book.

These are notes that I still refer back to, and I know you will find tremendous value in them.

Value $197

Bonus #2: How To Slash Your Tax Bill

This bonus video explains how you can write off the cost of the Real Estate Profits System course, along with many other deductions you normally aren’t allowed with rental properties.

Note that I am not an accountant and I always recommend my students get professional advice before using any tax information.

However, implementing this strategy alone is enough to pay for the entire cost of the program, and put thousands of dollars every year into your pocket. It’s that powerful!

Value $197

Bonus #3: How To Get Property
At No Cost and With No Work

I never before believed that anyone could get free ownership in real estate, with no cost, no work and no cash calls….

Until I did it.

This rare video shows you my little known method for how I pulled it off.

In fact, I don’t know of ANYBODY teaching this technique, and I guarantee it will open your mind to what is possible in real estate.

Value $197

Bonus #4: Marketing Strategies For
Real Estate Investors

New investors are always asking,

“How do I attract investors
for my deals?”

This report explains how to do that in detail, including:

  • Creating your own investor website and a personal ‘jump’ page
  • Building an email list
  • Sending regular valuable content to your prospects
  • Building online relationships with your prospects, and
  • Announcing deals to your list

It also includes tips on how to keep your email account from getting banned as your list grows in size...

And how to keep your website running smoothly when a rush of investors want to check out your deal.

Value $97

Grand Total Value $9271

Your Investment
Only $1997

Click Here For Instant Online Access

The “Real Estate Profits System” is a suite of online web-based courses in my Private Member’s Area.

You will need a web browser capable of playing MP4 video / MP3 audio files (most modern browsers do).

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and
Class #1 – Your Real Estate Investing Business will be immediately available to you.

You’ll have immediate access to the course videos, audios, and tools to get started.

You will also be notified by email each week for the next 12 weeks when a new course is available in the Member’s Area.


Remember, if all this membership program does is…

  • Help you get over your fear of making your first offer
  • Identify ONE hidden profit opportunity other investors miss
  • Avoid losing thousands on a really bad deal
  • Eliminate analysis paralysis so you can buy a great deal

…then this course has paid off. Click Here to get access right now

Check Out What
Other Investors Are Saying

Sai DiOttawa, Ontario

Net profit of $40k       
in less than 3 months

We just did our first flip project in Gatineau (cross river from Ottawa in Quebec side) and made net profit of $40k in less than 3 months.

Purchase price: 280k
Resell price: 340k
Total cost: close to 20k
Holding period: 2 months 19 days
Net profit: 40k

The fun part is, we did not do any renovation besides staging!!

Art KingmanWinnipeg, Manitoba

Greatest course for    
real estate investing
I’ve ever taken

This was the greatest course for real estate investing that I’ve ever taken.

Great detail, very practical. Looking forward to using the Excel worksheets.

I’m still referring back to the notes from your teaching, thank you again!

  Leonardo OliveiraOttawa, Ontario

Right after the course      
I got my first investment property

Before the course I was reading books, listening to audio cds and talking to people about real estate but I never took any action.

During the course, I took lots of action and met the realtor that helped me find a property that looks like a really good deal and right after the course I got my first investment property.

  Josée BourdonMetcalfe, Ontario

I will be closing on my     
first property

Thanks to Paul I will be closing on my first property on May 4th, and am on my way to change my financial future.

I’ve finally found the courage to go ahead with this after thinking about it for so long.

  Mike BonitoOttawa, Ontario

I place my first offer on      
an investment property
during the course

The slow and steady pace of this was exactly what I needed to get my confidence and the knowledge to go to the next step in my real estate ventures.

I placed my first offer on an investment property during the course and got invaluable advice from Paul.

  Liz EthierCarleton Place, Ontario

Just one Spirepoint tip      
saved me literally
thousands of dollars

The course is a ‘must’ for anyone who is serious about real estate investing.

During the time I was taking the course – I made several successful offers and actually closed on one property.

I was able to make the offer and have it accepted by the buyer for a price that was significantly under market value: just one Spirepoint tip saved me literally thousands of dollars on this deal.

Without the information I learned, I would not have had the courage to take the necessary steps to begin a real estate investing business.

The information presented in this course is easy to understand and completely relevant to any type of real estate market you may be investing in.

  Susan AntoftHamilton, Ontario

I was able to confidently      purchase my first
investment property

Until I took the course from Paul, I was strictly a reader of real estate investing books.

Mid way through the course, I had detailed, actionable information (based on Paul’s lessons learned the hard way) so that I was able to confidently purchase my first investment property.

I still use the course material every time I have added to my real estate portfolio.

  Donna QuakenbushOttawa, Ontario

Ultimate benefit I have   received was the confidence to move forward

The ultimate benefit I have received from the Spirepoint program was the confidence to move forward, speak to Real Estate professionals and place offers.

Paul did a wonderful job at encouraging me and others to take action as that is when the real learning process begins.

I was armed with a great deal of information, real life experiences & lessons and tools to properly make an informed decision throughout the full real estate transaction.

I couldn’t help but feel prepared, informed and enthused about starting my real estate investing career after completing the course.

I’ve seen what this program can do for my students...

And I know it can help YOU get started building your portfolio or take your existing investing to the next level.

I’m so convinced that this program will help you make more profits, save more money, eliminate stress and most importantly, save you TIME, I’m willing to guarantee it.

Try It Risk-Free For The Next 30 Days

100% Risk-Free No Hassles Guarantee

Order the program and take a full 30 days to listen try everything out - take the first 4 training classes, download the tools, and use the bonuses.

If you don’t think my techniques and tools will help you build a professional real estate team, find great deals more easily, analyze deals quickly, and negotiate the best possible price on your next property, then I’ll refund every penny.

No Risk and No Hassles. Guaranteed.

YES! I Want Instant Access Now!

For each of the 12 courses, I'll receive...

  • Step-By-Step Online Video Trainings
  • Forms, Templates, Spreadsheets, and Contracts
  • Checklists + Walkthru Videos
  • Action Assignments + Videos

I'll also get help if I have questions...

  • Action Assignment Review
  • Deal Analysis Review
  • Unlimited Online Coaching

I'll also receive the following bonuses...

  • Bonus #1: Conversations w/ Dr. Mody, Millionaire Investor
  • Bonus #2: How To Slash Your Tax Bill By Thousands
  • Bonus #3: How To Get Property With At No Cost and With No Work
  • Bonus #4: Marketing Strategies For Investors

I also understand I’m protected by your 100% Risk-Free No Hassles Guarantee, so I have no risk in ordering.

Your Investment
Only $1997

Add To Cart

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). GST/HST extra.

The “Real Estate Profits System” is a suite of online web-based courses in my Private Member’s Area.

You will need a web browser capable of playing MP4 video / MP3 audio files (most modern browsers do).

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and
Class #1 – Your Real Estate Investing Business will be immediately available to you.

You’ll have immediate access to the course videos, audios, and tools to get started.

You will also be notified by email each week for the next 12 weeks when a new course is available in the Member’s Area.

To your success,

– Paul Blacquiere

P.S. – The Real Estate Profits System contains over a decade of investment experience.

Learning everything yourself would take many years to accomplish and cost you much more in time and money (because of the mistakes you’ll make).

Don’t miss your chance to take years off your learning curve and finally buy your first investment property (or your next one
more profitably).

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