Paul Blacquiere – Founder

Paul Blacquiere - RRSP Mortgage Expert, Investor, Educator

Since a very young age, Paul Blacquiere always had a fascination with making money.

From collecting coins and stamps to running a lemonade stand to even writing a book report on money (including attached coins!) – he tried many different things.

In his early 20s, he decided to get more serious about it and research how people become wealthy and what they invest in.  He discovered they focus on 3 main areas:

  • Businesses
  • Paper Assets (stocks, options, bonds, etc.)
  • and Real Estate

After that initial research, he spent years learning and gaining experience in:

  • Setting up a home-based business
  • Tax planning and savings
  • Buying a House, and Renting rooms to roommates
  • Real Estate investing, including renovations, flips, and more
  • Raising JV Capital, retirement funds, and more to fund deals
  • Ecommerce and starting an Online Business
  • Stock Market investing for cash flow
  • Options Trading for cash flow
  • Bitcoin & Crypto-currency investing and cash flow
  • And more


Today, Paul Blacquiere is founder of Spirepoint Wealth, a financial education company dedicated to helping people improve their finances, create more cash flow and build long-term wealth.

He has been featured in the major media, including TV appearances on CTV/CJOH Ottawa and Rogers TV/Daytime, as well as full page articles in the Ottawa Business Journal, the Ottawa Sun, and Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine.

His professional career in high-tech spans a 12-year period and includes experience in electronics engineering, computer software programming, technical writing, publishing, website design, and product development.

In 2006, he left his full-time career to pursue his dream of starting his own business and investing, and helping others achieve the same.

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