Paul Blacquiere – Founder and Editor

Paul Blacquiere - RRSP Mortgage Expert, Investor, Educator

Paul Blacquiere started his real estate investing education in his early 20s and has been an investor since 2002. He’s also an educator and a speaker, and he has extensive experience with managing multi-family investment properties, major renovation projects, flips, joint ventures, and private RRSP mortgage financing.

He is President of Spirepoint Wealth, a financial education company dedicated to helping people improve their finances, create more cash flow and build long-term wealth. From 2004-2010, he published the Spirepoint Insider newsletter with educational articles for investors and he still continues to publish investing tips to his subscribers.

Paul Blacquiere has also been featured in the major media, including TV appearances on CTV/CJOH Ottawa and Rogers TV/Daytime, as well as full page articles in the Ottawa Business Journal, the Ottawa Sun, and Canadian Real Estate magazine (now Canadian Real Estate Wealth).

His professional career in the high technology field spans a 12-year period and includes experience in electronics engineering, computer software programming, technical writing, publishing, website design, and product development. In August 2006, he left his full-time career to pursue his dream of real estate investing and helping others achieve the same.

In 1991, he began his real estate education by studying many books and courses on real estate investing. The turning point for turning theory into action occurred when he joined a hands-on real estate investing course in September 2001. Before graduating from the course, he had already purchased his first investment property with a joint venture partner. In June 2002, he graduated as a Canadian Certified Property Consultant.

In April 2008, he was elected as President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO), where he was an active member since the group was founded in 2002.