Ken Beaton – Real Estate Agent / Broker, Investor, Educator

Ken Beaton - Real Estate Agent/Broker, Creative Investor, Educator

Ken Beaton is president of ARCA Real Estate Investments, a real estate investment and education company based in Almonte, Ontario.

Ken began his career as a civil engineer technologist before taking over Clayton Lakeside Resort along with his wife Joanne. He also acquired his real estate license in 1990 and worked for Gale Real Estate. In 2003, Ken and Joanne sold their business so that Ken could work full time for his new company – ARCA Real Estate Inc.

In 2011, he co-founded Fast Track Real Estate Brokerage in Edmonton, Alberta, where he focused on helping investors find positive cash flow investment properties.

He is a licensed real estate agent, broker, author, speaker, educator, mentor, and an incredibly successful real estate investor, having purchased over $10,000,000 in real estate, with over 118 doors currently in his portfolio.

Ken has a wide variety of real estate experience, including investing in rental properties, flips, rent-to-own, and assignments, as well as using joint ventures and RRSP mortgages. He has invested in single family homes, duplexes, medium to large multi-units, resort camp grounds, and has even worked on a proposal to build a retirement residence.

With his experience running a real estate brokerage in Alberta, he is now focusing on working in the Canadian real estate market with investors.