Motivational: 14-Year Old Buys A House

My wife recently sent me a video that I thought was pretty incredible.

Ellen Degeneres (TV talk show host) interviewed a 14-year-old girl in the US who not only earned $6000 buying and selling other people’s junk collected from the curb, she also used the money to buy a house!

She paid $12,000 for a fixer-upper in Florida (she did a joint venture with her mom!), renovated it, and is now renting it to tenants.

She’s 14 years old!

I LOVE stories like this because they completely SHATTER any excuses most people have for not getting started in real estate.

  • I don’t have money
  • I don’t have credit
  • I don’t know any realtors
  • I don’t know where to start

This girl is 14 years old and she didn’t have money or credit, didn’t know any realtors, and didn’t even know where to start.

Yet she worked her butt off, buying and selling junk, and eventually bought a house with her mom.


I can just hear the negative voices already…

  • She’s in the US… prices are cheaper there
  • She had a joint venture partner (her mom)
  • She didn’t need to qualify for a mortgage



Look, everybody has challenges they have to overcome. If you want to succeed, at ANYTHING in life, you have to just ignore that negative voice in your head and GO FOR IT!  Work your butt off, deal with challenges as they come, adjust your course of action, and keep moving forward.

I hear people complain to me all the time about how prices are too high in my market, rents are too low, tenants are bad, mortgages are hard to qualify for, etc.

You know what?  It’s the same for EVERYONE.


  • People still buy investment properties.
  • People still find great deals on properties
  • People still qualify for mortgages

How?  They figure it out and they don’t stop until they’ve done it.


So what’s holding YOU back?

  • Is it that negative voice in your head telling you all the reasons why you CAN’T do it?
  • Is it fear?
  • Is it lack of money?
  • Lack of credit?
  • Lack of knowledge?

If you keep listening to that negative voice and you always live in fear, you’ll never actually do anything.

If you lack money and credit, use investing methods that allow you to use other people’s money, or control property WITHOUT money or credit.

If you don’t have the knowledge to invest, then you need to get educated first.


If you need some motivation and inspiration, just spend a few minutes right now and watch Ellen’s video.


Do YOU have a motivating success story you’d like to share?
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  • Irene says:

    wow, Thanks for the post Paul! Truly Inspiring, No more excuses!!

    • Paul Blacquiere says:

      I agree! Everyone has some area of their lives (real estate or otherwise) where they procrastinate or make excuses. It’s stories like these that really wake you up and get you to take action!

  • Art Kingma says:


    Great idea to share “inspirations” with the group – we need to give each other a boost once in a while. I’m sharing this one with my kids as well as they are on the verge of starting something this spring – time to just go ahead and do it!

    I’ve been reading Napolean Hill “think & grow rich” and one of the chapters mentioned something interesting regarding how to get rid of procrastination. Every morning, do the thing (that you least like doing) first – soon enough it will no longer be a ‘chore’.

    I’m trying it, and not fun at first, but starting to work. Let you know in a few months.

  • Brian says:

    WOW! And to boot she made it to the Ellen show. Now there is diffently some motivation and inspiration, that you can buy real estate. Even at 14 years of age.
    As Paul you said it.
    So what’s holding YOU back?

  • >